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Message from Krishna


Friends, We all know that Illinois is in a state of crisis. Businesses, Jobs and hard-working families are being seriously impacted. Schools are being closed and the future is becoming more uncertain for our kids. We need more leaders in Springfield who can understand the issues and have the foresight  to find innovative solutions. Today, our state has earned the dubious distinction of  being one of the lowest in job-creation and the highest in taxes.

I have two daughters and I want them and all of our children to have the same opportunities  that I had - this is personal. We cannot wait for our state to become another Detroit, our property values have already fallen through the floor, and our schools plundered to pay for other priorities while jobs disappear due to ever increasing taxation. Hence I have decided to run for Illinois House Representative from District 84 (for the elections to be held in Nov. 2014) and I need your support to take our voices to Springfield.   


You can make an impact by identifying supporters, registering voters, and speaking out about the issues that matter to you. There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved. Please sign up to be our Volunteer.

Yard Signs

Support Krishna Bansal and proudly display a yard sign and / or join the campaign team to help us work for improving our present and securing our future. Please contact us to get a Yard Sign.

Upcoming Events

Please join us for upcoming events. You can also help us by hosting small events and spreading the message. Please let us know if you organize a 'Coffee with Krishna' with your friends.


Help us reach as many people as possible. Your early contribution will give this campaign a tremendous boost. Please donate to Krishna's campaign for District 84.


Hon. Janice Anderson

Hon. Steve & Julie Chirico

Hon. Mike Connelly

Hon. Nimish Jani

Hon. Pat & Kelvin Fee

Hon. Rick Mervine

Hon. Mike & Lynda Reilly

Hon. Darlene Senger

Anuraag & Anjana Bhargava

Rajiv & Smita Bhatia

Nimish & Sonal Bhatt

Sudhakar & Vasavi Chakka

Pinakin & Hetal Desai

Abhinav & Aparna Dhar

Matt Gambs

Dave & Paula Hilderbrand

Shishir & Reshma Jain

Sanjiv & Anju Katyal

Atul and Susmita Kavthekar


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